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PayPal and Checkout API Help

  1. PayPal - Creating an API Signature

    An API signature consists of an API user-name along with an associated API password and signature, all of which are assigned by PayPal. You need to include this information whenever you execute a PayPal API operation.
    PayPal provides API access to Business and Premier accounts only and NOT Personal accounts.
    Upgrading from a Personal to a Premier PayPal account entails verifying your bank details.
    Follow the steps below to create an API signature:
    1. Log in to PayPal, then click Profile under My Account.
    2. Click My selling tools.
    3. Click API Access.
    4. Click Request API Credentials.
    5. Check Request API signature and click Agree and Submit.
    6. Click Done to complete the process.
  2. Google Checkout - API Access Settings.

    1. Log in to Google Checkout, then click Settings.
    2. Under Settings click Integration.
    3. The Google Merchant ID and Google Merchant Key are on the right of the screen under Account Information(also see image below).
  3. Program Script Support

    PayPal API Yes1 Yes No
    PayPal CSV Yes No No
    Checkout API Yes1 No Yes
    Checkout CSV Yes No No
    1 Scripts fully functional during trial period BUT ONLY available to Business Licensees after expiry of trial period.

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