iCreateOFX Basic
iCreateOFX Basic
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iCreateOFX Basic v5 Beta - OFX and QIF file converter.

Currently in beta testing and available for download, Version 5 has the following improvements:

  1. Better support for reading OFX files (and variants e.g QFX)
  2. Improved QIF reading and writing scripts.
  3. Multiple currency support
  4. Multiple accounts support
  5. Dedicated bank / creditcard CSV file scripts.
  6. Improved common bank / creditcard script with / for version 4 backwards compatibility.
  7. Improved PayPal API script
  8. Support for Payees' inclusion in both QIF and OFX file conversions.

Dedicated scripts currently available for testing (and usage).

  1. AIB (IE)
  2. 1822 Direkt (DE)
  3. ABN Amro (NL)
  4. Amazon Settlement CSV
  5. Amex FSB (US)
  6. Amex UK
  7. Banco do Brasil CC
  8. Bank Austria (AT)
  9. Banque Postalle (FR)
  10. Barclaycard
  11. Barclays (UK)
  12. BB and T (US)
  13. Bitcoin
  14. BW Bank (DE)
  15. Caisse d'Epargne (FR)
  16. Chase Bank (US)
  17. Clydesdale Bank (UK)
  18. Commercial Bank (US)
  19. Common CSV
  20. Coop Business (UK)
  21. Danske Bank (DK)
  22. Danske Bank (NO)
  23. DBS (SG)
  24. FairFX (UK)
  25. Go Bank (US)
  26. Halifax CC (UK)
  27. HSBC (CAD)
  28. HSBC (FR)
  29. HSBC (HK)
  30. ING (NL)
  31. IIF File
  32. John Lewis Card (UK)
  33. Lloyds Merchant (UK)
  34. MBNA CSV
  35. McDowell CornerStone
  36. Nationwide BS (UK)
  37. NatWest (UK)
  38. OCBC (SG)
  39. OFX File
  40. PayPal CSV
  41. PayPal Direct (API)
  42. PostFinance (CH)
  43. Qantas Money (AU)
  44. QIF File
  45. Quicken
  46. Rabobank (NL)
  47. Santander Corporate (UK)
  48. State Bank of India (IN)
  49. Stan Chart (SG)
  50. Star Money (DE)
  51. Tesco CC (UK)
  52. UOB (SG)
  53. Revolut
  54. Stripe
  55. Utility Warehouse (UK)
  56. Yorkshire Bank (UK)

The following bank and credit card scripts are also available for use with the common script.

  1. Lloyds (UK)
  2. TDC Trust (CA)
  3. UBS (CH)
  4. WestPac (AU)
  5. WestPac CC (AU)
  6. Wells Fargo (US)
  7. Santander (UK)
  8. RBS (UK)
  9. BPO Courant (BE)
  10. Fineco (IT)
  11. First Direct (UK)
  12. PayPal (BE)
  13. Poste CC (BE)
  14. Handelsbanken (SE)
  15. La Banque Postale-EUR (FR)
  16. La Banque Postale-Francs (FR)
  17. Fortis (NL)
  18. CitiBank (CA)
  19. ErsteBank (AT)
  20. Banco Chile (CL)
  21. Bank of Queensland (AU)
  22. Heritage BS (AU)
  23. Community Bank
  24. Danske Bank
  25. Ceska Sporitelna
  26. Commercial Bank (US)
  27. DnB (NOR)
  28. HSBC Biz (UK)
  29. BB & T (US)
  30. Credit Suisse (CH)
  31. C Suisse CC CHF(CH)
  32. Skandiabanken (NO)
  33. PBZ Croatia (HR)
  34. UOB (SG)
  35. HSBC (CR)
  36. Qui UBI (IT)
  37. Banco Itau CC (BR)
  38. HSBC (CA)

NOTE: All scripts supported by the common script in version 4 will be added to the final release.
Bank and creditcard script generally supported by (and suited for) the common script contain basic transaction data.

If you wish to add a dedicated script for a bank or creditcard CSV file, please Send eMail with the CSV attachement to: support@icreateofx.co.uk

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