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Checkout API OFX Writer

iCreateOFX Google Checkout API OFX and QIF Writer - Export Google Checkout transactions to OFX and QIF files via API.

This program writes OFX and QIF files from your Google Checkout account transactions. It utilizes the Google polling API to retrieve transactions from your checkout account, then converting the transactions to QIF and / or OFX files. Below is a quick step through how to use the program.

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Important! This script, in addition to the Google Checkout CSV script, is included in iCreateOFX Basic.
Checkout OFX ad QIF Writer
  1. Select Account: To start using the program, you will have to select the account you wish to download transactions from. (See also Account Settings)
  2. Set Date Range: Select both the start and end dates. By default, the start date is set back to 31 days from when you start the program, and the end date is set 10 minutes back from when you start the program.
  3. End Balance and Currency: Since the program will only retrieve transactions, for OFX files, you will need to enter the closing balance and primary currency of your checkout account. (this step is not necessary for QIF files)
  4. Memo and Payee values: Select (by checking the boxes) which items you'd like to appear in the respective fields of your OFX / QIF file. The Item Name and Promotion Name field(s) may contain multiple items and will be delimited by a dash (-), as is the case if multiple items are selected for either value.
  5. Transaction fees setting: To include both transaction fees and the gross value, select the first option, else select either of the two other options depending on your preference.
  6. Connect: Click to begin the transactions' download.
  7. Save OFX, Save QIF and Auto Start: You will not be able to access these options until you have completed the download process. The number of transactions will be displayed at the top of the option box. The Auto Start boxes will only be available if to select if your system has associated either file type with a default program (typically a PFM such as Money or Quicken). Select this option next to either file type to auto notify the program when the OFX / QIF file has been written. Once the notified program receives the data in the file and acknowledges within 30 seconds, the OFX / QIF file will then be deleted from disk.

NOTE: The API will only avail transactions up to five minutes in the past.

IMPORTANT! The Memo field is limited to 255 characters, whereas the Payee field is limited to 32 characters for OFX files and will be truncated to the respective lenghts if they exceed those limits.

Account Settings

Settings Checkout OFX ad QIF Writer
  1. A/c Number / Alias: Enter an account identifier that your PFM will reference the OFX or QIF file with. This field will be truncated to 22 characters for OFX files.
  2. Merchant ID and Key: Get these details from your Google Checkout account (see image below right). For a quick reference to how you can get these details, see our API Help page.
  3. Delete: All details entered into the program are encrypted and can not be viewed after you have entered them. If you choose, you can delete the details by selecting the account and deleting it (together with the ID and Key).

This program is NOT affiliated to Google Checkout or Google Wallet in any way.

OBITER DICTA: The program caches all downloaded transactions. Should you wish to re-write them to OFX or QIF, simply select the required date range. You can purge / delete the cache by pressing F4 (function key F4 at the top of your keyboard) to permanently remove the cache for the selected account.

Download EXE file (156.2 KB)

(12 Unique downloads this month.)

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