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iCreateOFX Investment  - Novia Financial Script help.

  1. Loading transactions - The Novia Financial script provides two options of loading transactions, giving you the option of whether to include or exclude Funding Purchases and Sales Proceeds transactions.
    1. Exclude Funding Purchases and Sales Proceeds transactions.
      Transactions tagged as Sale Proceeds and Funding of Purchase in the action column (column 3) will NOT be loaded.
      Note: The transaction final value in Sale Proceeds transactions may differ from the the amount registered at execution.
      Select Yes when prompted.
    2. Include Funding Purchases and Sales Proceeds transactions.
      Transactions tagged as Sale Proceeds and Funding of Purchase in the action column (column 3) will be loaded for inclusion in the OFX / QIF file.
      Funding of Purchase transactions will be posted to the MARGIN sub account while the Sale Proceeds transactions will journal the proceeds from the MARGIN to the CASH subaccount.
      Select No when prompted.
  2. Security identification - OFX files require both a CUSIP and Ticker for each security, however, the Novia CSV file does not contain this information, therefore:
    1. CUSIP - A new CUSIP is dynamically generated for each identified security in the file, begining with iCreateOFX and followed by a number, e.g iCreateOFX001.
    2. Ticker - A new ticker for each identifiable security is generated using the first (capital) letter of each word in the security name apart from the last word, and if the last word is three characters long, it is also appended.
    Note: Due to the security identification being generated locally, you'll not be able to automatically update security prices, see below for workaround.
  3. Updating Securities' ID's - Following on from the above, you can update the securities' identification to replace the dynamically generated ID's to the market identification.
    To start off, you'll have to load a transactions file in order for CUSIP and Ticker ID's to be dynamically generated, then:
    1. Click on the Security Details button and while the ensuing dialog is active, press the F3 button to export all securities to CSV (enter your chosen name in the resultant Save file dialog and save).
    2. Using a spreadsheet program capable of saving to CSV, open the exported list and for each security you wish to update ID information for and:
      1. Copy the dynamically generated ticker in the Ticker (first) column to the Alias (last) column.
      2. Replace the dynamically generated ticker in the first column with the real market ticker value
      3. Replace the dynamically generated CUSIP value with the real market CUSIP value
      4. NOTE: Since the ticker is generated based on the name as is supplied by Novia, do not change the name.
      5. After making all the changes you require, save the file to CSV.
    3. Finally, import the amended CSV file by clicking on the Import Stocks button in the Security Details dialog.
    Please ensure you are running at least version when using this script.

Currently supported Investment CSV files.

Broker Name File type(s) / description
BMO Investorline CSV files
Charles Schwab CSV files
Daily Access CSV files
Dodge and Cox CSV files
TD Ameritrade CSV files
Fidelity International CSV Files
PPS Inc CSV Files
Hargreaves and Lansdown Portfolio and transaction Summary CSV Files
Retirement Strategies Inc CSV Files
Scottrade CSV Files
Scottrade Advisors CSV Files
Wells Fargo Advisor Services CSV Files
Novia Financial CSV Files
Vanguard CSV Files
Generic QIF Investment QIF Files
Generic CSV Generic CSV Files

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